Garden Salad 가든샐러드

A vegetarian staple - fresh bed of romaine lettuce, iceberg lettuce and lollo rossa lettuce, dressed in caesar dressing.

RM 8.90

Korean Charbroiled Salad 순살양념갈비샐러드

A fresh bed of romaine lettuce, iceberg, lettuce and lollo rossa, served with the tender, juicy Korean Charbroiled.

RM 17.50

Secret Pasta Salad 시크릿파스타샐러드

A mixture of fresh vegetables deliciously tossed with mixed pasta and garlic dressing. Simply appetising!

RM 18.50

Sous-Vide Chicken Salad 수비드치킨샐러드

Fresh vegetables paired with tender sous-vide chicken breast, a perfect choice for the weight-watchers!

RM 19.50