Using 100% fresh chicken, BBQ Chicken offers a taste that cannot be imitated. Our chicken are marinated in more than 30 types of natural spices for 24 hours before it is cooked to golden perfection. Simply enjoy the Best of Best Quality!

Golden Chicken (2pcs/Half/Whole) 황금치킨

Tender and juicy chicken meat prepared with the most delicious recipe of 30 natural spices

2 pcs    RM 15.90
Half      RM 29.50
Whole  RM 55.90

Basakhan (Crispy) Chicken (6pcs/HalfWhole) 바삭칸 치킨

Selected chicken parts breaded in bbq's own battering powder.

6 pcs   RM 13.50
Half     RM 26.90
Whole RM 49.90

Golden Tender Strips (5pcs/9pcs/18pcs) 황금속안심 치킨

Tender chicken strips breaded in bbq's own battering powder, giving a uniquely yummy tempura curl.

5 pcs  RM 15.50
9 pcs  RM 26.50
18 pcs RM 48.50