Using 100% fresh chicken, BBQ Chicken offers a taste that cannot be imitated. Our chicken are marinated in more than 30 types of natural spices for 24 hours before it is cooked to golden perfection. Simply enjoy the Best of Best Quality!

Golden Olive Chicken (Quarter/Half) 황금치킨

Our signature friend chicken is known for it's unforgettable taste.

Quarter  RM 16.50

Half        RM31.50

Basakhan (Crispy) Chicken (6pcs/12pcs) 바삭칸 치킨

Crispy deep fried chicken marinated and battered with bbq's secret recipe.

6 pcs   RM 17.50
12 pcs RM  32.50

Golden Olive Chicken Strips (6pcs/12pcs) 황금속안심 치킨

Finely selected and marinated chicken breast with bbq's secret ingredients.

6 pcs    RM 14.50
12 pcs  RM27.50