Hot Hot Drums 매운양념닭다리

Watch out for a mouth-burning sensation with our very own Hot & Spicy recipe straight from Korea!

2 pcs RM 16.50
4 pcs RM 32.50
8 pcs RM 59.90

Hot Hot Chicken 매운양념치킨

Selected chicken parts marinated in bbq's Hot & Spicy recipe. A great combination between spicy flavour and crispy exterior.

9 pcs   RM 31.50
18 pcs RM 59.90

Gangjeong Chicken 강정치킨

Selected chicken parts coated with a distinctive Korean sauce that gives a sweet and sour taste not to be missed by Korean fried chicken lovers!.

6 pcs RM 17.50
Half   RM 31.90
Whole RM 59.90

Paris Wings 빠리치킨

Tantalising crispy wings marinated with bbq's special Paris Sauce, tossed with sautéed garlic and fresh chili. Enjoy a spicy and sour taste that's set to excite your taste buds.

5 pcs RM 15.90
10 pcs RM 29.90
20 pcs RM 54.90

Kanjang (Teriyaki) Wings 마늘간장닭날개

Crispy wings thoroughly coated with bbq's soybean and garlic sauce.

5 pcs RM 14.90
10 pcs RM 28.50
20 pcs RM 51.90