Steamed Rice 공기밥

White Rice

RM 2.50

Garlic Butter Baguette 마늘빵

Toasted baguette with a butter garlic spread.

RM 5.90

bbq Kimchi Fried Rice 바베큐 김치 볶음밥

bbq's Kimchi fried rice served with korean Charbroiled Chicken and topped  with egg

RM 20.50

Sous Vide Chicken Nasi Goreng 수비드나시고랭

A fusion-style Nasi Goreng with tender grilled sous-vide chicken.

RM 16.50

Gochujang Fried Rice 고치장 볶음밥

Nothing beats Korean-style spicy fried rice served with egg on the surrounding.

RM 18.50

Bulgogi Beef Hot Stone Rice 불고기 쇠고기 뜨거운 돌

Bulgogi beef & vegetables topped on the rice

RM 18.50

Chicken Mayo Hot Stone Rice 치킨 메이요 핫 스톤

Chicken & egg topped on the rice with mayonnaise

RM 18.50

Kimchi Chicken Hot Stone Rice 김치 치킨 핫 스톤

Kimchi & Charbroiled Galbi (Chicken) topped on the rice

RM 18.50

Bulgogi Beef Rice Ball 불가리 쇠고기 밥알

Served with hot-hot chicken,sauteed vegetables and corn.

RM 26.50

Tuna Korean Rice Ball 참치 한국어 밥알

Served with Golden Olive Chicken, sauteed vegetables and corn.

RM 26.50

Charboiled Galbi Rice Ball 갈비 닭 가슴살 밥

Served with jerk Grilled Chicken sauteed vegetables and corn.

RM 28.50