Coco Cup 꼬꼬컵

bbq's crispy and tender popcorn chicken served with mustard or chili sauce.

RM 10.50

Coco Col 꼬꼬콜

Eat and drink in one hand! bbq's iconic menu lets you enjoy popcorn chicken and cold drink at once, an ideal choice when you're on the go!.

RM 10.50

Fried Kimchi 볶음김치

A Korean traditional delight prepared with our own secret recipe!.

RM 6.50

Fries 감자튀김

Using premium potatoes.

RM 6.50

Mashed Potato 매쉬포테이토

Smooth and creamy mashed potato prepared using premium fresh cream.

RM 8.90

Kochi (3 skewers) 꼬치

Skewers of grilled chicken prepared with bbq's special sauce, served with fresh salad.

RM 14.50

Onion ring 양파 링

Using crispy premium Onion rings

6 Pcs RM 6.50